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The Florida A&M University-Florida State University Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Florida Engineering Society, and American Concrete Institute is excited to share our organization's efforts with students, professionals, and alumni. Please reference our upcoming events and follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated. Our Resources page is available for students looking for internships, scholarships, or other career-related advice. As always, we appreciate our donors and all of our parent chapter members that help make this possible!


Following the 2022 ASCE Southeast Student Conference, we look forward to just one more month of classes and maybe a little relaxation in the mix!

April 1 - RSO Field Day at FAMU-FSU COE

April 7 - Senior Design Presentations

April 12 - Board Elections

April 19 - RSO meeting for New Officers


Stay tuned to hear the election results for our 2022-2023 Executive Board officers!

For more information regarding events, contact Spencer Nick - sn19a@my.fsu.edu