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Our Goals & Expectations

So far, as an organization, we have been highly involved. Over the summer we sent ten people to both the ASCE and FES Annual Conference. In addition, we volunteered at multiple FES and ASCE events such as the Scholarship Fund Sporting Clays Fundraiser and the ASCE Golf Tournament. Two of our members even founded a whole new organization called the Peer Program, that matches freshman and transfer students with upperclassmen to give them someone to ask questions/seek guidance from.

We don’t plan on stopping here, however. This year, we plan on hosting 2 INSPIRE days (a K-12 Outreach program started by our past-president Garit Poire, hosted and run by our student chapter). We plan on having a beach cleanup event in St. Marks where we can keep one of our best wildlife refuges free of human waste. We also intend on sending a record number of students to this year’s regional conference and on building an award-winning concrete canoe! We also want to host at least two events per semester where all our members get a chance to meet local professionals and get their name out there and practice networking.

We have set our goals high and we have a lot of energy this year as a student chapter, and in order to accomplish all of these goals and more, we are going to need a record amount of funding as well. But we are very thankful for all the support our parent chapters give us!

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