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Chapter Update - Welcome to Fall 2019!

Our chapter has been very busy since the Fall semester started on August 26th. Our executive board has been eagerly planning for our first General Body Meeting of the semester and for our other upcoming events.

Our chapter president, Mitchell Hudson, at the FSU Involvement Fair.

We started off the year by making an appearance at the FSU Involvement Fair during the first week of school. Several of our executive board members came out to represent our chapter and encourage anyone interested to come learn more about us at our first GBM.

Our goal since the semester started was to get the word out as much as possible about our first GBM in hopes of drawing in a large crowd of interested new members.

During the first week of school, the ASCE Tallahassee Branch hosted a Back to School social at Ology for our students to meet professionals and catch up at the start of the semester.

Two of our Executive Board members inviting freshmen mentees to our first GBM.

This semester, many of our Executive Board members participated in a brand new Peer Mentorship Program at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, created by two of our own board members. The program matched incoming freshmen and transfer students with upper-division mentors in their major. This was a great opportunity for us to boost our freshmen outreach and allow us to welcome more new students to our chapter!

Our first GBM turnout!

September 12th was our first GBM, which came with a great turnout! Former Florida Engineering Society President, J.W. Hunter, and our past chapter president, Steven Miller, came to present to us. Pizza and refreshments were served, and we got to welcome a lot of new faces to our chapter! We announced our upcoming events such as the Skeet Shoot in October and our Rez Day Social on the 29th, and look forward to seeing our new members at both of these events!

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